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Tuning the Porsche 911 (997) Carrera S.

The factory tuning on this vehicle is quite aggressive in terms of peak power output from the M97 engine, on paper it would seem that there is little to be gained from tuning the 997 Carrera S.

However the low to mid range torque output in the factory tune was far from optimal and response torque demand increases at low RPM were harshly limited. Our tuning was able to address these issues and we were able to deliver an awesome tune for this vehicle. It was possible to make dramatic improvements to the smoothness, responsiveness particularly at low engine speed and smoothness of the power delivery. Peak power and Torque was able to be increased by 20hp and 25Nm, even though these gains don’t sound, huge gains in acceleration have been possible (the factory torque curves of the Carrera S have a number of peaks and troughs and it was possible to make large gains in the area of smooth power delivery), the full fury of the 3.8l is unleashed almost instantly when demanded, it sounds even more amazing than the factory tune also.

None of the optimisations to the tune required safety features in the factory strategy to be disabled so the engine is still protected by all the normal safeguards.

If you have a Carrera S or similar Porsche that you are considering tuning please feel free to give us a call we are happy to demonstrate the vehicles performance to you.

The tune is here!

997 Carrera S

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