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About Us


Superior throttle response

Driveability optimised to your driving style

Higher Power output

Increased torque

Reduced fuel consumption

Smother power delivery

Once we have tuned your vehicle and calibrated it to your driving style you will see an improvement in real-world performance in the aforementioned areas. Our tune allows your vehicle’s true potential to be unleashed!




While working at the very cutting edge of automotive development at the world’s largest automotive OEMs from 2001-06 it became very clear to the founder Lars Wahlmann, that the emphasis on the drive cycle emissions was causing cars to be calibrated in such a way that the cars would meet the various emissions tests but the real world emissions were actually no better as a result of this.

The software tools used in calibration of the maps that control things such as fuel injection, ignition timing and boost pressure had features to make identification of where on the maps the ECU had been running during the testing and these areas only were calibrated in order to meet the prescribed standards.

As a result of the way the legislation was written when a vehicles engine is operating in a region where it might be on an emissions drive cycle it operates in quite a different manner than when it is outside such a region. The problem is when transitioning from one mode of operation to another it is almost impossible to keep the emissions to a minimum, it is equally detrimental to fuel economy and driveability.

In short the way Automotive OEMs calibrate vehicles because of the emissions legislation and competitive market in which they operate has caused almost all of the cars on our roads today to have reasonably poor emissions, fuel economy and performance relative to what is actually possible. Auto Upgrades envisaged cars that are calibrated to deliver optimum performance, drive-ability, fuel economy and great real world emissions.


Over the 16 years prior to the launch of the Auto Upgrades website Lars forged critical relationships with colleagues primarily in Automotive development by working at the cutting edge of the industry with both established technologies and protocols and also with emerging ones. Lars understood in order to be able to deliver the world class tuning service that he envisaged that he would need to have a broad platform of vehicle support and required a lot of connections and partners in the industry.

Lars also envisaged connecting with his customers via ecommerce and social media platforms and gained vital experience and connections in this area, highlighted by being awarded the prestigious Excellence in Information Management award at the Auckland West Business Awards 2012 and the Innovation in Business Award at the Waitakere Business Awards in 2009.

Auto Upgrades delivers cutting edge Automotive Tuning

AUTO UPGRADES was launched to make cutting edge vehicle tuning available to everyone. Only the best is good enough!

We take the responsibility of remapping your vehicle very seriously and employ OEM (manufacturer) methodology and procedures to our work. We also use the most sophisticated development and test tools available.

We pride ourselves on our superior customer service. Our expert technical knowledge and qualifications set us apart from our competitors and allows us to provide an industry-leading tuning. Test it for yourself by booking your vehicle tune today.