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2018 Mercedes AMG GTS - Performance Tune

Lars did a great job of tuning my GTS... passionate and very helpful!

Roger Grech – Epsom, Auckland

2017 Audi S5 - Performance Tune

Lars was very professional, the tuning result was outstanding. I’m very happy with it.

Highly recommend.

Sean Li – New Lynn, Auckland

2008 Porsche 911 Turbo - Performance Tune and Parts Installation

Having used Lars’ service a couple of times. He is knowledgeable, efficient, trustworthy.

Highly Recommended!

Vincent Zhou – Silverdale, Auckland

2007 Audi S8 V10 - Performance Tune

Thank you for the tune! The difference in throttle response is amazing and the engine has come alive. My S8 has transformed.

I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to open up the potential of their vehicle.

Druw Vickers – Otahuhu, Auckland

2008 Volkswagen Polo GTI - Performance Tune

WOW this is amazing, thanks muchly for tuning my car the power is different.

I can see and feel how much power it has gained. It's like hard to control the speed LOL.

Jose Mercado – Massey, Auckland

2006 LS460L - Performance Tune

My car was tuned by AutoUpgrades, and I am pleased with their tune. My car definitely gained more power and torque. Lars managed to do a pops and bangs tuning, and it changed the car's personality dramatically. It is faster and more aggressive than before.

I love his tuning, and it is why I am his repeating customer. Thank you so much for tuning my car. I highly recommend AutoUpgrades to anyone who is thinking of tuning their vehicle.

Yuta Otake - Mount Roskill, Auckland.

2008 Subaru Legacy - Performance Tune

Brought my Subaru Legacy to Lars to have an ECU tune. My car runs better and it became fuel efficient as well.

Definitely recommended Lars to have your car tuned as well. Thanks Lars

Jarwin Jacoba – Mt Wellington, Auckland

2010 Toyota Auris - Performance Tune with Pops and Bangs

Very genuine guy and amazing service. Looked everywhere for someone to tune my car but had no luck until I came across AutoUpgrades.

Gave it his best and the car does everything I want, 100% satisfied.

Tianyi Xie – Mairangi Bay, Auckland

2009 Subaru Legacy GT 2.5l Turbo - Performance Tune

More responsive, a bunch more torque and using less fuel - cant ask for more than that!

Thanks for the tune Lars!

Andrew Radford – Mount Roskill, Auckland

2006 Lexus IS250 - Performance Tune

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Came for a slight tune on the Lexus but then received outstanding results, smoother driving and the car just takes off now quicker then ever, Highly recommend and will come back here for more tunes in the future.

Rahul Murthi – Goodwood Heights, Auckland

2008 Audi A3 - Performance and DSG Tune

Great service. Easy to deal with. Definitely recommend Auto Upgrades for anyone wanting a tune done. I had stage 1 and DSG tune done on my Audi A3.

Had an issue called them up and they sorted it quickly and saved me couple hundred dollars (issue wasn’t tune related). No bullshit just straight up.

Highly recommend using Auto Upgrades.

Dan Ruttley – Half Moon Bay, Auckland

2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI - Performance Tune

It was great to discover how experienced Lars is in ECU tuning. He had a very no-nonsense, and very professional approach to getting the best out of my Mk7 Golf GTI without going over the top.

The results were amazing!... he turned my already great car into something much more top shelf but without the price tag. Highly recommended.

Hamish Sansom – Mt Eden, Auckland

2007 Lexus IS350 - Performance Tune

Thank you again Lars for the amazing job you did on my Lexus IS350. The difference is really night and day with the few bolt on upgrades which I had done.

Initially wasn't really expecting much with it being NA but to shave off .6s off the 0-100 is impressive.

Would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking at getting their car tuned!!

Daniel Holt-Pedersen – Mellons Bay, Auckland

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