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Nissan Tuning

  • Skyline 350GT - Performance Tuning

    Utah was very pleased with our tuning of his V35 Skyline 350GT as he had been unable to find anyone else that could tune it for him.

    "When I drove my car after tuning, I could tell that my car gained more torque at the bottom end. The peak power has also increased and the car revs more smoothly than before. I am happy with the performance of my car now and the tuning made my car quicker and more fuel efficient at the same time. In fact, the average fuel consumption of my car was around 9km/L but it marked 11.7km/L after the tuning. I am driving the same route at the same speed. I understand the average fuel consumption rate would be different on a different car even if the same model. However, this product would be beneficial for the people who want to gain more power but improve fuel consumption at the same time. I highly recommend this product to all the VQ owners as well as the people who are modifying their car for the first time."

    The tune is available here!



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