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M5 Tuning

  • M5 Power!

    We have just tuned Cliff’s 2012 F10 M5… The car features the highly regarded S63B44T0 with Valvetronic and a 10:1 compression ratio… From the factory it produces 553hp and 680Nm, we were able to increase these figures by a staggering 99hp and 258Nm!
    In addition to many other things we were able to improve the responsiveness and the low to mid range torque delivery where the response to torque demand was not as urgent as it is now.
    Huge gains in acceleration have been possible the full fury of the incredible engine is unleashed almost instantly when demanded, it sounds even more amazing than the factory tune did as well.
    None of the optimisations to the tune required safety features in the factory strategy to be disabled so the engine is still protected by all the normal safeguards.

    The tune is available here!





  • M5 Power, add nearly 100BHP and over 250Nm of Torque to your F10 M5!

    We have a tune available for your F10 that will let you realise the full potential of the S63B44T0!

    Click here to go to the tune

    M5 Engine

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